1 Catcher with a Glass Arm

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Catcher with a Glass Arm

Written by Matt Christopher

Reviewed by Daniel V. (age 10)

Catcher with a Glass Arm

Smack! Throw it to second, Jody! Safe! Ever heard of a catcher who can't throw? Well, Jody Sinclair (the catcher) cannot throw base stealers out. Everytime he throws the ball, it has to take a couple of bounces. One of these bounces will do a sudden turn, and the short stop or third baseman will miss it. The coaches keep on practicing throwing with Jody. Read this book to find out if Jody will be a thrower and a catcher or just a catcher and not a thrower. Don't wait! Don't go! I have more for you. Guess what?! All of a sudden, Jody starts to get scared of the pitched ball. His coach and assistant coach tell him to stay in there and not to be scared of the ball. Jody is determined to learn to throw and hit. Will he ever learn how to?

I liked this book because it made you feel that you were with Jody all the time, and you wanted to help him to learn to throw and bat. Another reason I liked this book is because you can never put it down because it is so good and you keep on wanting to know what is going to happen next. My last reason is that it is not a long book. You could probably finish it in one or two days, and it is not boring.

I recommend this book to people who like sports, especially those who like baseball. I also recommend this book to boys who are between the ages of eight and twelve because the characters are about those ages. So please read this book. You don't know what you are missing.