1 The Promise

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The Promise

Written by Jackie French Koller

Illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers

Reviewed by Joey B. (age 10)

The Promise

"The Promise" is about a boy, his dog, and his dad. It is very close to Christmas day, but their Mom dies. They experience a very miserable month. Their mom always said that on Christmas night all the animals talk. On Christmas night while the boy does chores with his dog, a bear spies on them. Then, the bear pops up and chases them! After running for so long, Sara, the dog, fights back! The bear strikes and hurts Sara very badly! At last the bear goes away. But Sara is lying on the ground bleeding. At first there seems to be no hope, but then the boy hears a voice. It sounds like his mom! It promises that Sara will be all right. When they take the dog to the hospital the doctors say that she has lost too much blood and will surely die in the morning. Of course you must find out for yourselves if she lives by reading this book.

I really liked this book myself and you should like it too because it was sad and happy at different points of the story. I felt sad at some points and happy and glad at others. Losing their mom changed the family. My favorite part of the book was when the bear chased them. This book reminds me of the troubles that I have had with my dog.

I would recommend this book for all ages! Why? Because it is very suspenseful and will always keep you reading. People who have any pets would live this book. And anyone who has gone through very scary and bad times with his or her pets would like this book also.