1 Goose Chase

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Goose Chase

Written by Patrice Kindl

Reviewed by HP (age 11)

Goose Chase

Goose Chase is about how a girl named Alexandria Aurora Fortunato meets her fairy godmother who makes her as lovely as the dawn, cry diamond tears, and to top it all off when she brushes her hair gold dust falls out. Now, because of all her gifts a cruel-hearted king, and a dim-witted prince wants to marry her, and she is only 14! Alexandria eventually gets rescued by her beloved geese. Then, the geese come to an ogress's house, where the ogresses keep Alexandria as a slave. After a while the prince comes and tries to rescue her but he ends up tied and gagged in the ogresses kitchen! Though they do escape they get caught again, and put in a dungeon. Then they escape once again. This time though the cruel king's men catch them, and Alexandria seems doomed to marry the evil king, until she sees the prince's boot under a nearby tapestry. Then all of a sudden the one of Alexandria's geese seem to insist upon her putting on a ruby necklace, a ruby ring, and a ruby crown. Once these things are on her twelve maidens appear, and her twelve geese disappear. What in the world is going on?

I like this book because it is extremely funny, and it is suspenseful. It also has a lot of cool characters like the cruel king, the spirited Alexandria, and the supposedly dimwitted prince all add a lot of spice to the text.

I would recommend this book to 3rd grade and up because it is pretty long. Also, this book can be a little confusing toward the end.