1 To & Fro Fast & Slow

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To & Fro Fast & Slow

Written by Durga Bernhard

Illustrated by Durga Bernhard

Reviewed by Brenda M. (age 7)

To & Fro Fast & Slow

The book is about a girl and her mom and dad. She went to the country and the city. She went to the city and the country because she wanted to see her parents. The mom live in the country and the dad is in the city. Along the way she saw a lot of opposites.

I like the part when the car went fast and the snail went slow. The basket was full and the mailbox was empty. I think that girls will like this book because they might be interested about this book because it has a lot of opposites like fast and slow.

I think kids will read this book because they could imaginethat they are in the country and the city.