1 Pajama Party

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Pajama Party

Written by Amy Hest

Illustrated by Irene Trivas

Reviewed by Jamie E. (age 7)

Pajama Party

Jenny, Casey and Kate are having a pajama party. Jenny makes a list of what to bring. One of the things on the list was to bring something to eat and bring enough for everyone. There was a problem in this book. They all brought cookies. This story gives true information about pajama sleepovers like you can have fun dancing, playing the guitar (if you have one) and making a list.

It was funny when they said at the same time that they never want to see another chocolate chip cookie again. What was interesting is that Kate goes home because she was crying but she was there the next day for breakfast. I wonder how she got there before Jenny and Casey got up.

There's a lesson in this story - never eat a lot of chocolate chip cookies.

This story reminds me of when I had a sleepover pajama party and was playing my guitar and dancing. Also, my cousin was crying just like Kate but she didn't go home. I like the guitar when it goes "Strummmmmmm".

I recommend this book because it makes me laugh and cry from the silliness. And I think if people like sleepovers I bet they would like pajama party sleepovers! I think the illustrations are amazing. They are made with watercolors. Irene Trivas puts the colors together so they look like they are mixed together and get lighter and darker.