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Written by Richard Egielski

Illustrated by Richard Egielski

Reviewed by Douglas S. (age 7) & Richard D. (age 7)


This book is about a little boy who caught a bug in his mouth while he was eating corn flakes. The doctor gave him pills. The pills were chasing the bug named Buz. Buz was swimming on his stomach. The pills yelled, ?Stop!? Buz got away from the pills. When the boy was taking a bath, Buz came out of the kid?s ear. Then Buz was wet and went to the bug doctor. Buz caught a germ! The germ went the wrong way. Buz was surprised that he had a germ!

The story is funny and interesting because the pills are on a chase in the boy?s body. They try to catch Buz. We liked when Buz kept saying, ?Buz?? That was Douglas? favorite part. Richard?s favorite part was when the pills said, ?Hey, you with the wings! Freeze!? Douglas? favorite characters were the pills. Richard?s favorite character was Buz. We don?t like when the doctor gave the boy pills. We don?t like taking medicine, so we didn?t like that part in the book. The illustrations are neat because you get a good view of the eyeball. You can see the pills? mouths. We like the illustrations because Richard Egielski made funny pictures. The pictures look like it?s true even though it?s a fiction story. The illustrations look like cartoons. The story makes Douglas imagine what it would be like if a fly went in his mouth! He also thinks about eating corn flakes. It reminds Richard of taking pills and of killing a fly. It also makes Richard think of police officers chasing a burglar. This book is like a cartoon on TV.

We recommend this book to P.S. 158 and other schools for kids. We even recommend this book to our parents. We also think first graders, second graders, and third graders would like this book. We recommend this book to people that like funny books and people that like chasing books.