1 Money Troubles

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Money Troubles

Written by Bill Cosby

Illustrated by Varnette P. Honeywood

Reviewed by Jacob S. (age 7)

Money Troubles

Little Bill wants to be famous for finding a new comet. First he needs a telescope. A telescope costs a lot of money that Little Bill needs to earn on his own. One way to earn some money is to collect soda cans to turn in for money.

I thought this book was funny. I enjoyed the illustrations in the book. The pages are very colorful and help me understand the story better. My favorite part of the book was when Little Bill got his haircut because it was very funny and it made me laugh.

I would tell my friends to read this book because I enjoyed it and it made me laugh. It is a very good book. I think the first graders would really enjoy this book, it would make them laugh.