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Meet Molly

Written by Valerie Tripp

Reviewed by Sarah (age 10)

The book I reviewed is called Meet Molly. Is it one of many American Girl books. This book and all the other American Girl books were written by Valerie Tripp. The illustrations were by Nick Backes. It was published by Pleasant Company and has 59 pages.

Meet Molly takes place in 1944 during World War II. It is about a girl named Molly McIntire. Her father went to war and left Molly, Mrs. McIntire, Jill, her 14 year old sister, Ricky, her 12 year old brother, Brad, her 5 year old brothe, and Mrs. Gilford at home together. Mrs. Gilford was their maid and cook. She always came in at 7:00 in the evening. She made them eat radishes, lima beans, and turnips because she started a Victory Garden and those vegetables were the only that turned out well.

As soon as Molly and her two best friends, Linda and Susan, found out Ricky had a crush on Jill?s best friend, Dolores, Molly and Ricky had a war of their own. Read the book to find out how their mom stopped their tricks.

I would recommend this book to third graders and up. I thought this was a great book because I could relate with Molly and her problem with her brother.

I think the author wrote this book to tell an entertaining story and I also think she succeeded in doing this.

I have not yet read another book by Valerie Tripp, but I can?t wait to read another.