1 The Boy Trap

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The Boy Trap

Written by Michael Chesworth

Reviewed by MB (age 10)

There are these two very bright girls named Emma and Louise that are very best friends. One day their teachers tell them they have to do a science project, so Emma decides to prove that girls are better than boys. They run some tests like politelness and who's got better grades, but the boys have sotlen their idea. Roger and Wally see who can make better paper airplanes and who's got better grades. Emma and Louise want to be partners with Roger and Wally. The boy's say "yes" and the girls are proud because they think the boys are cool. The first meeting is about how they are going to do this. They decide who ever wins the Young Inventors Contest are better. Roger has a rule, everyone has to do a mousetrap. Louise wins and they change the sign to girls are better than boys. Wally thinks it should be both because we didn't prove anything so we change the sign again.

I loved the story because it was funny and seemed realistic. I think it is fit for all ages because it's easy to understand and I now realize what the boy trap was. I think the author's purpose was to entertain you and tell you you can't prove that girls are better than boys or boys are better than girls. My favorite character was Emma because she knew that girls are better than boys. My favorite part was when Louise won the Young Inventors Contest. When I read the book, I got a picture in my head and I felt like it was really happening.