1 Ibis: A True Whale Story

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Ibis: A True Whale Story

Written by John Himmelman

Illustrated by John Himmelman

Reviewed by Angela G. (age 8)

Ibis: A True Whale Story

Ibis is a humpback whale. She likes to look at starfish in the ocean. One day Ibis gets caught in a net. Her friend Blizzard helps her get to the top of the water. Some people in a boat try to help Ibis. When the people put their hands into the water their hands remind Ibis of her friends the starfish. This makes Ibis let the people help her get out of the net.

I liked how all the people helped Ibis in this story. My favorite part was when Ibis saw the hands and the hands reminded her of starfish. It made me feel sad when Ibis was stuck in the net, but then the story had a happy ending.

If you like books about whales you will really like this book.