1 Goosebumps: The Curse Of Camp Cold Lake

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Goosebumps: The Curse Of Camp Cold Lake

Written by R.L. Stine

Reviewed by Afreya L. (age 10)

Goosebumps: The  Curse  Of  Camp  Cold  Lake

In this book a girl named Sarah had to go to a camp Cold Lake with her brother who gets along with everyone. Sarah's bunkmates tease her and do alot of tricks on her. The scary part was when Sarah was trying to get her bunkmates attention. She pretended to drown and then saw a girl with big blue eyes and a see through body. Suddenly the girl disappeared and the coach saved her from the lake. The three bunkmates apologized and became her friend.

I think this is an excellent book. I really enjoyed this book. It's scary, funny and has good characters. Camp Cold Lake is also like other books by the same author because they are all scary. There is a character that I liked. Sarah because she's very clever, brave, and interesting. When I read this book I lfelt like I was part of the story.