1 The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza

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The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza

Written by Philemon Sturges

Illustrated by Amy Walrod

Reviewed by F.A. (age 6)

The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza

The little red hen wanted to make a pizza so she asked for some help. The duck didn't want to help. The cat didn't want to help. The dog didn't want to help. She did it by herself. She got all the stuff she wanted. She made the pizza. It wasn't little. It was big. She asked who wanted some pizza. The cat, dog and duck ate it all up. They washed the dishes when she asked them to.

I liked this book because it was funny. It makes you want to look at it. The pictures are funny. It is so silly. The duck plays music. The dog dances. The duck is eating ice cream.

I think other people would like it too because it makes them want to laugh. It was funny that the animals keep on acting so funny and weren't listening to the red hen.

(This review was dictated to Mrs. Kuechle.)