1 If I Had a Robot

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If I Had a Robot

Written by Dan Yaccarino

Reviewed by H.M. (age 5)

If I Had a Robot

The little boy didn't like his beans so he wanted a robot to eat his beans. The robot would eat the beans. The robot would take his bath for him, take piano lessons for him, feed his dog, go to school, play baseball, scare people that wouldn't be nice to him and make him king. Then, whoever eats their beans, gets cake. So he did it himself.

I liked the book because it was neat. He didn't like his beans so he figured out a robot would eat them. He ate the beans anyway because he wanted chocolate cake.

I think other kids would like this book because it's really cool. He really wants a robot to do whatever he says to do. I think kids would like robots to do what they want them to.

(This review was dictated to Mrs. Kuechle.)