1 Ramona and Her Father

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Ramona and Her Father

Written by Beverly Cleary

Illustrated by Alan Tiegreen

Reviewed by Theresa D. (age 10)

Ramona and Her Father

Wow?! What a great book. Hi, I'm Theresa and I read a great book. It is about a girl and her dad. It is called Ramona and her Father. When I saw this book it inspired me to read it. One important thing that happened was that Ramona's father had lost his job. Another thing that happened was that Ramona's father kept on smoking and Ramona wanted it to stop right away. Another part that I thought was interesting was when Ramona had a play and her mom did not have time to make Ramona a costume of a lamb so Ramona had to make one on her own and she hated it. There was one more part. Picky-Picky ate the Halloween jack-o-lantern. "Just a little piece." My most FAVORITE part was when Ramona attached some burs together and created a crown of burs. She put it in her hair and as soon as she noticed it was stuck in her hair her father had been saying good by to Ramona's teacher. Find out how shocked Ramona's dad was by checking this book out of your school or public library.

I like this book because it teaches you that sometimes you think you are having such a bad day but in some way something good usually comes out of it. Like in Ramona and her Father Ramona tries as hard as she could to make her father stop smoking. She kept making signs like - no smoking

After about a week Mr. Quimbey sat down next to Ramona and said, "Ramona, I love you and that is why I am trying to stop smoking. I am really trying." Ramona understands and is very happy that at least he is trying. I recommend this book to people who like getting into trouble