1 The Disappearing Bike Shop

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The Disappearing Bike Shop

Written by Elivera Woodruff

Reviewed by Daniel V. (age 10)

The Disappearing Bike Shop

Narley! Dude! Two boys named Tyler Harrison, and Freckle Kosa walk down a street and a bike shop appears out of nowhere in a vacant lot! Tyler's bike chain is busted so they go in the bike shop. There is a man named Quentin Quigley who works in the store. Quentin takes Tyler's bike and says he will fix it for Tyler. But Quentin says not to tell anyone about the shop and keep it a secret. Also, there's a bully who always picks on them. The bully (who's name is Michael) finds out about the bike shop and says he's going to tell the whole school! So they let him into their club, which is about knowing the secret about the shop and you can't tell anyone. The three boys start finding out strange things about Quentin Quigley and he reminds them of a famous person. Read this book to find what these strange things are and what Quentin Quigley reminds them of.

I liked this book because it made you feel like the main characters. For example, when Tyler wasn't doing his homework, it made you feel that you didn't do your homework even if you did. Tyler I found very interesting. He was always looking at something like grass coming out of the sidewalk. (Pretty boring huh.) Usually he didn't find things creepy. (Well, most of the time) And that's why I found Tyler very interesting. Freckle was sort of like a wimp. I thought Freckle was a wimp because he was afraid of Quentin Quigley, being late for school, and his pet hamster wrinkles. And that's why I thought Freckle was a wimp.

I recommend this book to all readers because it sounded like real life but really it was fiction. Also, I think all kinds of readers would like this because you can't put it down it's so good. Also I found this book really interesting. Again, I recommend this book to all readers. Thank You.