1 Soccer Halfback

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Soccer Halfback

Written by Matt Christopher

Illustrated by Larry Johnson

Reviewed by Paul H. (age 10)

Soccer Halfback

He shoots ... He scores!!! And the Nuggets win again!!! The book Soccer Halfback, by Matt Christopher, is about a kid named Jabber. All his life Jabber had played football because his dad had played on the Notre Dame team, but one day he decided to try out for soccer. He found out that he was really good at it but his brother Pete and his mom tried to make him stop playing soccer and play football like his father did. His friend Mose interfered with his decision by telling Peter's friend that Jabber was thinking about playing football instead of soccer. After Peter found out about that Jabber almost did play football instead of soccer. Read Soccer Halfback to find out how Jabber handles his problems.

Soccer Halfback reminds me of Orp Goes to the Hoop, both the kids in these books get raised by sports stars and both the parents in these books try to make the kids do the sport they want them to do. Soccer Halfback is part of the Matt Christopher series. My favorite part of Soccer Halfback is at the soccer game against the Blue Jackets. I liked it because it is fun reading about the kind of stuff my soccer team does in real life.

I recommend this book to people who like sports because it has a lot of sports in it and people who like sports would probably like it too. I also think it's a really good book, and once you start reading it you can't put it down.