1 Rool of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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Rool of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Written by Mildred D. Taylor

Reviewed by Betsy S. (age 10)

Rool of Thunder, Hear My Cry

"What are we going to do with these shovels and buckets?," Cassie Logan asked. To find out what the Logans do, read this book about when the blacks were still made fun of. Cassie still thinks it's not fair that the whites treat them badly. Then when her mom was fired from her job as a teacher because her older brother, Stacey's, friend T.J. told on their mom everything goes wrong. They get in trouble for going to the Wallace store (which is a very bad store run by whites, even for Stacey who is a seventh grader). The Logan family decides to do a favor for themselves and other people by buying their food in another store down in Vicksburg. Their dad was the one to go down and get the food, and then the trouble really starts happening.

I liked this book because it helps me to understand how it was back then for the blacks. I like how the author made the Logan family brave, espeicailly Cassie. I like how she made Stacey brave enough to take his friend T.J. to his home because he was hurt, and stayed there to make sure he didn't get hurt. I also liked how she made them talk like blacks back then.

I recommend this book to people who like historical fiction books. I also recommend this book because the author made you feel right there. This really inspired me to learn more about long ago, in the shoes of the black people. After reading this book it helped me to understand that it is wrong to make fun of blacks. I learned a lot from this book, and you probably will to.