1 Funny Kid Prank Wars

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Funny Kid Prank Wars

Written by Matt Stanton

Reviewed by Shane P. (age 9)

Funny Kid Prank Wars

Do you like jokes? If you do, you should read Funny Kid. It is a book about a boy named Max who was entering a talent show, but then his grandpa goes missing. Why did his grandpa go missing? Where could he be? If you want to know you should read Funny Kid.

This book is a great combination of mystery and humor. The main character Max plays a prank on his teacher. The great part is his teacher thought it was funny, so he avoided the principal`s office. I liked Max because he was confident and funny. I found it hard to put down sometimes. This book was so easy to get lost in.

I would recommend this book to kids who like jokes. I would also recommend this book to kids who like a good mystery. If you like jokes, mysteries, or both you should read funny kid.