1 Her Right Foot

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Her Right Foot

Written by Dave Eggers

Illustrated by Shawn Harris

Reviewed by Pell S. (age 10), Sebastian E. (age 10) & Michael B. (age 9)

Her Right Foot

Have you ever seen the Statue of Liberty? If you look very carefully you will notice her right foot is raised. She is on the move!!!

This book is about the history of the Statue of Liberty. Did you know that it built in France? Also, did you know that it turned from brown green over 35 years because it was made out of copper? Another fact is that it took 214 crates to ship the parts to America. The crown has seven points which stand for the seven seas and the seven continents. Her foot is a size 879. Did you know her right foot is raised so she could welcome the immigrants? Read the book to find out more about the Statue of Liberty and her right foot.

This book is great because it has a mixture of humor and facts. It’s not just fact after fact after fact. We liked the illustration where it showed one eye was brown and one eye was green because it was interesting to see the close up of the change. We like this book because it showed really close details like it showed how the layer of the copper was as thick two pennies.

We recommend this book to kids who like nonfiction and humor and to kids who want to learn about the Statue of Liberty.