1 Owl Diaries: Warm Heart’s Day

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Owl Diaries: Warm Heart’s Day

Written by Rebecca Elliot

Reviewed by Isra A. (age 7)

Owl Diaries: Warm Heart’s Day

Do you like winter? Then this is great book for you. In the book , Owl Diaries: Warm Heart’s Day, by Rebecca Elliot, Eva is planning a party for a traditional winter celebration called, Warm Heart’s Day.

In this book, Eva is getting ready for a party. The party is a celebration of Warm Heart’s Day and everyone is making presents for their loved ones. The owls sing songs and have snacks and exchange presents. Eva has been so busy making presents to give to her friends at the party that she forgot to make gifts for her own family!!! Will Eva be able to finish her gifts before the Warm Heart’s Day celebration??

I liked the book because I like the characters. Eva is so kind. She woke up early to help other animals. I really liked the party too! At the party, Eva and her friends from class sing a song. The book made me laugh too. A funny part was when Eva bumped into a tree. I also really liked the characters because they are nice. Eva gives her winter stuff to another owl family.

I think that this is a great book for people that like to party. I also recommend it to people who have read other Owl Diaries books and who like to read about the fun things that Eva Hootling does.

I give this book a five star rating!