1 Penny

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Written by Jane Gerver

Illustrated by Jane Gerver

Reviewed by Keira F. (age 8)


Do you like reading about royalty and horses? If you do, then this is the book for you! In the beginning, a princess is going to become a queen. She has a test. Her test is to search through trees, water, and sand looking for twelve jewels shiny and grand. She needs to be helpful, wise, and kind. The princess does all of the things the test says to do. Read the book to find out if Isabella gets to be queen and whether or not she passes the test!

In my opinion, I think this book is marvelous! I like royalty and this book is about royalty. This book is also about horses. The illustrations in this book are amazing! They help you visualize what’s happening. There are many details in the illustrations.

I recommend this book to people who like reading about royalty and horses. I also recommend this book to people who enjoy illustrations.

I rate this book 5 stars out of five stars.