1 Ice Cream Summer

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Ice Cream Summer

Written by Margaret Atwood

Illustrated by Natalie Andrewson

Reviewed by Reen D. (age 9)

Ice Cream Summer

Do you ever feel like starting your own business? Well, Ella did. Ella was excited to start her on ice cream business, but her best friends want to be a part of it. Will they be a part of it? Ella is a responsible girl she loves starting new business like a bakery that her parents owned.

If I had to give this this a rating of 1-5, it would be a 3 because I enjoyed reading it but I did not like how long the paragraphs were. Ella is a helpful person. While reading the book, I felt sad and happy at the same time. I was sad because Ella did not let her friends join and happy because I was still enjoying the book myself. My favorite part of the story is when Ella’s friends find new jobs because I felt bad for them when she did not let them join her business. Another favorite part is when Ella's friends get their own idea to make a bakery. I was happy because they were doing a good job.

In this book I was surprised about something and that was Ella is allowed to have her own ice cream shop. A word I learned was "inspired" because Ella was inspired to make rolled ice cream. Ella finds an inspiration for baking, too. I would recommend this to girls that like to make ice cream because she made ice cream.