1 I Survived: The Joplin Tornado, 2011

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I Survived: The Joplin Tornado, 2011

Written by Lauren Tarshis

Illustrated by Scott Dawson

Reviewed by Domenic D. (age 8)

I Survived: The Joplin Tornado, 2011

This book is about a young boy named Dex who went in an SUV with Dr. Gage who studied tornadoes. On May 22nd, a sudden tornado formed. What will happen? Will they chase the tornado? Will they survive it? What will it be like in a tornado? Read this book to find out…

This story is the best story ever! Dex reminds me of my cousin because they are both energetic people. Dr. Gage is a really interesting character because he studies tornadoes. I like the drawings because they are black and white and very detailed. I loved that the story made me feel as though I was there! It’s a book you cannot put down!

I highly recommend this book. It is a great story of survival in scary circumstances. A reader who likes true stories of adventure and danger will enjoy this book! The dangerous plot involves a tornado so all weather watchers will love this!