1 The Mystery At The Crooked House

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The Mystery At The Crooked House

Written by Gertrude Chandler Warner

Illustrated by Hodges Soileau

Reviewed by Lauren V.T. (age 9)

The Mystery At The Crooked House

The Mystery At The Crooked House is about the Alden's housekeeper and her sister Madeline's house. It was built at Riddle Lake. The crooked house had always had a ton of business, but not this year. So the Aldens went to help with the house. Mrs. McGregor said that there was a mystery in the house. Meanwhile there was a lady staying at the house, they called her the mystery lady because Mrs. McGregor and Madeline did not know her name. The mystery lady was quite mean. Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny all were eager to hear what Mrs. McGregor had for clues about the mystery lady. Mrs. McGregor had a riddle in a shoebox; the riddle was leading to a mystery! Find out what that riddle said and what the children do to solve it. See if it leads to another riddle. Read the book to find out what happens about the riddle.

I enjoyed this book because I learned how working together could solve something. It was fun reading the part when the mystery came along. I could never set the book down! This book can teach you that you should never hide anything from anybody. You should tell them stuff that is important and what they need to know.

I think children who enjoy reading the Boxcar Children and people who like mysteries would enjoy this book. If you like riddles you will enjoy the ones in this book. You can try to figure out the riddles, too.