1 For the Love of Autumn

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For the Love of Autumn

Written by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by Zella M. (age 9)

For the Love of Autumn

Have you ever read a book where two strangers fall in love... with a cat? Well, in the book For the Love of Autumn, a cat will get lost in a storm only to come back looking completely dry. If you like stories about cats and some mystery too, then this book is for you!

There are three reasons why I like this book. The students in the story are helpful. They help the main character search for Autumn when she is lost. Autumn’s owners love her so much and they don’t want to give her up. They even fight over her. The kids love Autumn because they helped look for her.

I would recommend this book to 1st graders and older because it is sad and you might cry. I think people who like cats would like this story because the whole story is about a very special cat. Also, if you are a cat owner, you will be able to have many connections to this book.