1 diary of a whimpy kid

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diary of a whimpy kid

Written by Jeff Keneddy

Illustrated by Jeff Keneddy;

Reviewed by Luke F, (age 9)

diary of a whimpy kid

Imagine you go to school and you see moldy cheese on the blacktop well that happened to Greg Heffley . Greg starts to talk about the cheese touch so if someone touches you have to stay 10 feet eway. Greg still wonders why they put gorillas who need to shave twice a day with kids who haven’t hit their growth spurt yet .

I like this book series because I think it is really funny and I like to see all the things that go wrong with Greg. My favorite part is when the kids have to run away from the cheese touch. I also like this book because Greg always thinks he is right but he is always wrong.

I recommend this book to kids of all ages and kid who like comedy.