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Paintball Blast

Written by Jake Maddox

Illustrated by Sean Tiffany

Reviewed by Harrison A. (age 9)

Paintball Blast

Max and Tyler have been paintball partners for years. They are best friends and extraordinary players. Max starts losing to Ryan, a new player. At first he chalks it up to beginner's luck. Then he starts noticing suspicious things about Ryan. Max tries to tell the referee, Bob, but he did not listen. Finally Max and Tyler enter the Challenge Cup against Ryan… and once they get there, many unexpected things happen…

My favorite part of this book is when Max gets shot inside a bush by Ryan because the barrel of the marker was over his head. I also like when Bob’s assistant gives Ryan's team triple blast darts because it makes the whole plot much more exciting. Finally I liked when Max observed Ryan’s second game to see what was wrong about Ryan because it helps Max and Tyler to bust Ryan for cheating. I can relate to Max because I’ve played paintball against a cheater.

I recommend this book to kids in 2nd and 3rd grade who like realistic and exciting sports books!!!