1 Perfect Balance Gymnastics I've Got This

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Perfect Balance Gymnastics I've Got This

Written by Melisa Torres

Reviewed by Kayleigh A. (age 8)

Perfect Balance Gymnastics I've Got This

Have you ever done gymnastics? A little girl named Trista comes to a gym in Utah. She only knows how to tumble on the floor; she wants to learn how to do the other events. So… if you want to see if she learns how to do the rest of the events read this book.

I liked this book because it was about gymnastics, and I love gymnastics. In addition, I knew what they would be about just from the title. My favorite part was when Trista kept trying and never gave up on something. I had that problem in my feature but I got the skill and moved on to the next level.

I recommend this book if you like gymnastics. There are 133 pages and there are cool names for the flips. The people who would like this book are probably girls.