1 The Great White Man Eating Shark

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The Great White Man Eating Shark

Written by Margaret Mahy

Illustrated by Jonathan Allen

Reviewed by William N. (age 6) & Drew E. (age 6)

The Great White Man Eating Shark

This book is about a boy named Norvin that was a great actor. But they didn't have any shark movies for him to act in so he quit acting. So he started to swim and he could swim like a silver arrow through the water. But when he tried to swim like a silver arrow, he bumped into people. So he cut a dorsal fin out of plastic so he looked like a shark. He scared everybody a lot. So he had the whole beach to himself. At the end Norvin gets scared about something.

We recommend this book because Norvin learned a lesson. If you like sharks you'll like this book. We liked the illustrations because they really make sense with the words.