1 Hooray for Snail!

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Hooray for Snail!

Written by John Stadler

Illustrated by John Stadler

Reviewed by Brooke F. (age 8)

Hooray for Snail!

A snail hits the ball to the moon. When snail hits the ball, he tips his hat at first base. Snail is tired. Then Hippo yelled, “Fast!” Then the ball hit the moon at second base. Snail is thirsty. The ball goes back. At third base, snail is sleepy. The ball bounces. At home plate, snail races. The ball goes back. The fielder sees the ball. The fielder throws the ball. Hippo shouts, “slide!” Snail slides. Boom! Did the snail get a medal? Find out what happens next.

I liked Hooray for Snail because it is a funny book. My favorite part of the book was when Snail went to sleep in the middle of the game. I like the illustrations because they were detailed. I also like this book because you learn two lessons. One is you cannot give up. The other lesson is to believe in yourself that you can do something.

I think kids from age 4 to 7 should read this book because it is funny. If you like baseball, you might like to read this book too. People that like to laugh would also like this book. If you want to see Snail hit the ball really far, read this book.