1 The Great Bug Hunt

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The Great Bug Hunt

Written by Bonnie Dobkin

Illustrated by Tom Dunnington

Reviewed by Felix C. (age 7)

The Great Bug Hunt

Two kids were hunting for bugs. They had a jar and a net to get bugs. They got a lot of bugs...all kinds of bugs. They were getting ticks too. Big bugs, small bugs too! At the end of the book, the boy got hurt from a bug. Water bugs, bees too, butterflies too. They had a book of bugs. They got poison bees, ants, and a wasp. They got so excited about getting bugs.

I am interested because it tells you about bugs. I like the book because they are getting bugs in the book. I learned a lesson. The lesson is not to be mean to people. My favorite character is the girl because she did not do anything. The boy had to do all the hard work. I wonder where they live. The illustrations say what the bug is called. Did it really hurt when the boy got pinched at the end? Another thing I wonder about is the dog in the book. Does the dog really have to be in the book? And one more thing I wonder about is why the boy and the girl were using the same color shoes? Do they live in the same family? The book is special because it can teach you what bugs do. It is realistic fiction because it has some information in it.

I would recommend this book to people that like bugs. If you want to learn a lesson, read this book. The lesson is to not be mean to things. This is a very good book to read for all ages, especially ages 5 through 8. This is an awesome book you can read if you are curious about what bugs can do and what they are called and more. When I read this book for the first time, I liked it very much. If you read this book, you will learn new things about bugs and then you will like bugs very much. You might even want to keep a bug as a pet.