1 Pancakes

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Written by Sandra Iversen

Illustrated by Pat Reynolds

Reviewed by Eitan R. (age 7)


In this book, there are two characters. The characters are Jimmy and Gran. They work together to make the pancakes. Gran told Jimmy what the ingredients are and told him to get them. Gran mixed the ingredients in the bowl. They put it in the pan. They thought it was fun to flip the pancake. It was not easy for Jimmy to flip the pancake. He tried and tried and tried and got it! He was happy. After flipping the pancakes, they ate them with syrup.

I liked the book because it was funny. My favorite part was when they flipped the pancake. I did not like Gran because Gran was bossy like this: “Do this, do that.” I liked the illustrations because they were pretty. I was reading the book and at the end I was surprised because Jimmy could flip the pancake. I was happy when Jimmy flipped the pancake.

I think that people who like pancakes should read the book, Pancakes, because they can learn how to make pancakes. I think that the illustrations should be photographs instead of drawings because it would look more realistic.