1 The Mountain Mystery

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The Mountain Mystery

Written by Elaudy Dominguez

Illustrated by Elaudy Dominguez

Reviewed by Dalyn Y. (age 7)

The Mountain Mystery

A class was going on a trip to…a mountain. They were going on a hike. Mr. Denis told them there was a surprise at the top. They started going up the mountain. They were so excited. John thought there was a lion at the top of the mountain. They see a lot of animals. They found a hole. They thought the surprise was an airplane or an eagle. Read the book to find out the surprise.

I think the book was good because it has a mystery in it. My favorite character is Mr. Denis because he is directing everyone and he’s not giving the secret away. My favorite part is when they found the surprise. At first they were not surprised at all. Then they looked over the mountain. Then they were REALLY surprised!

I recommend this book to people who like mysteries because this book is about a mystery. People in first grade through third grade would like this book. You might be interested in this book because it has a mystery. You might have fun guessing what the surprise is while you are reading this book.