1 Froggy

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Written by Jonathan London

Illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz

Reviewed by Hailey H. (age 8)


This book was written by Jonathan London. There are many many books about Froggy. It is a series. Which one is your favorite?

The characters are all animals. Some of the characters are Froggy, Max, Max's mom, Frogilina, Polywogalina, Matthew, Travis and Froggy's dad. In the books, the author talks about Froggy's emotions when things happen. If Froggy gets scared, the author explains what the emotion means. He also shows this in the pictures.

The colors of the illustrations in Froggy make me feel good. The colors are bright green, bright blue, and also lots of yellow. The pictures look like fiction and not real, but I still feel like they are real to me because even though they are fake, the pictures are of real things.

I don't like in two of the books of Froggy that Frogilina wants to kiss Froggy. Froggy says "eww, girl kisses." I don't like this part because it was boring and silly. Even though I don't like that part, I enjoy reading the books and I hope you do too. I recommend this book for ages 2-6.