1 Dory and the Real True Friend

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Dory and the Real True Friend

Written by Abby Hanlon

Illustrated by Abby Hanlon

Reviewed by Sophia R. (age 9)

Dory and the Real True Friend

Dory and a Real True Friend by Abby Hanlon is an amazing book. It is about a girl named Dory, also known as Rascal. She has a big imagination that makes the book super funny. Her main imaginary friend, Mary, sleeps under her bed at night! But there’s a problem. Dory is starting first grade, but she doesn’t want to go. Her brother, Luke, and sister, Violet, are telling her she can’t do things she does at home like wear her nightgown or make a fort out of blankets. Luke and Violet think she will never make a real friend. Read the book to find out if Dory will ever make a real, true friend.

I loved this book because it gives you a big laugh. Abby Hanlon’s illustrations really show what’s going on in the story. In the beginning Mary wants to go to school with Dory so she writes out the abc’s. Dory tells her no because of what she did last year. The picture shows Mary crying on top of the work and Dory telling her, “Stop moping around.” My favorite part is when Dory goes to school and falls in love with the closet! I love this part because after lunch Dory starts to eat her lunch in the closet and says, “This is heaven!” This book reminds me of how my siblings are not interested in what I have to say about school. They say, “I am doing something. Go away!” even though they are not doing anything important. When Dory’s siblings, Violet and Luke aren’t interested in what she has to say, they do the same thing. So I can relate a little bit to my family. Those are the reasons why I think this book is really funny.

I would recommend this book to third through fourth graders who like funny books with longer chapters. Kids who understand what it’s like being in first grade would also enjoy it because the things Dory goes through would remind those students what it was like being in first grade. The Dory series is great to read if you need a laugh. I hope you enjoy the book.