1 Shoeless Joe and Black Betsy

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Shoeless Joe and Black Betsy

Written by Phil Bildner

Illustrated by C.F. Payne

Reviewed by Adam M. (age 6)

No one knew how to become a very good baseball player except for Joe Jackson. Joe's friend named Ol' Charlie knew a lot about bats. Joe and Ol' Charlie created a bat called the Black Betsy. Joe used the bat and it helped him get into the Major League.

My favorite part is when Joe got Black Betsy from Ol' Charlie because I like black. My favorite character is Ol' Charlie because he makes bats. This story relates to my life because I have tried things many times. The pictures helped me understand the story because they showed me what the characters looked like.

I think other people should read this story because it is at true story. It has athletes, action, and suspense.