1 Amelia Bedelia

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Amelia Bedelia

Written by Peggy Parish

Illustrated by Fritz Siebel

Reviewed by Lauren S. (age 7)

Amelia Bedelia

Amelia Bedelia is at school learning about what her mom and dad do at home. She also has a big surprise. She gets to go to her dad's work for a school field trip. At his work, she plays on the elevator. Finally they get to make salad dressing for lunch. She has a great time hanging out with her dad.

My favorite part of the story is when Amelia Bedelia thought they were going to Rome, Italy but all they did was roam around the car. I liked it because it was funny. Amelia Bedelia is my favorite character because she is sweet. This story relates to my life because I go to school. The pictures help because they showed me what she was doing.

I think others should read this story because it is fun and everyone goes on field trips.