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Written by Kathryn Otashi

Illustrated by Kathryn Otashi

Reviewed by student in Mrs. Hawkins' 1st Grade Class


This book is about being kind, standing up for other people and being a nice friend. Red picked on all the colors. When Red picks on the other colors he gets bigger and bigger and bigger. He wouldn’t stop until One came along and was brave enough to stand up for Blue. Then One went to the other colors and said “If someone picks on me I, for one say no!” When the colors stand up to him he gets smaller and smaller and smaller. One told the other colors to stand up for themselves. When they did they turned into numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7! “Can Red be hot AND Blue be cool?” Read the book to find out.

Our favorite character was One because One stood up to Red. One was really brave to stand up for himself and the other colors. We like that this book is about kindness. You shouldn’t let someone be mean to you. We believe people should stand up to unkindness.

We recommend this book for kindergarten through third grade. This book has great illustrations for younger kids. The words are easy to read. It is good for older grades because it teaches a lesson. If you read this book don’t miss out on reading the books Zero and Two!