1 For the Love of Autumn

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For the Love of Autumn

Written by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by Isabelle M. (age 8)

For the Love of Autumn

Danielle had a cat named Autumn. Danielle got Autumn when she was a kitten. Danielle got a teaching job in California and moved there. One day Danielle came home from work and Autumn was missing. Danielle started to search with the students but they could never found her. Will Danielle and the students ever find Autumn?

I think that the book is emotional because it was very sad when Autumn came home and she was bleeding. It was also exciting when Danielle got the teaching job in California. I also thought that it was funny when Autumn came to school and did tricks. It reminds me of my cat because she is very special to me.

I recommend this book because it is fun and easy to read. Everyone would enjoy reading it. One of the main characters in this book is a cat, so if you like cats this book is for you!