1 Bruce Coville's Book of Spine Tinglers: Tales to Make you Shiver

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Bruce Coville's Book of Spine Tinglers: Tales to Make you Shiver

Written by Bruce Coville

Illustrated by John Pierard

Reviewed by Lindsey K. (age 11)

This book has several scary stories written by different authors. The characters are monsters: vampires, werewolves, a ghostly lady, and a mysterious one who calls from the pond. They will all keep you holding on to your bed all night long. If you're not scared yet, you will be after you read this book.

I really liked this book because it had many different stories, and they were all fun to read, even though they were scary. When I started reading the very first story, "The Thing in Auntie Alma's Pond", I wanted to look ahead to see what was in the pond. I thought the ghostly lady character, in the story "Pass Sunset", was interesting because she wanted people to see her, but they were afraid to look. You'll have to read the book to find out why. It was scary reading the stories because of all the mysterious things that happened.

I would recommend this book to those young and old because it is fascinating. The author's words are really descriptive. I shivered when I was reading them. This is one of the scarcest books I've ever read. That is why I would recommend this book.