1 Fantastic Mr. Fox

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Fantastic Mr. Fox

Written by Roald Dahl

Reviewed by Harley S. (age 8)

Fantastic Mr. Fox

This book is about a fox who didn't have any food so he stole food from Boggis and Bunce and stole apple cider from Bean. They were three farmers. Mr.Fox got his tail shot off. Then those farmers tried to dig him up, but it didn't work. His family was starving and his wife almost died. How did Mr. Fox save his family? You should read the book to find out.

I really liked this book. I would like to buy this book for myself. My favorite part was when Mr. Fox said to the rat, "You saucy beast!" I liked it because it was funny and I laughed! My favorite character in the book was Mr. Fox. He was foxy and smart.

I recommend this book because it's funny. Anybody over second grade could read this book and they should!