1 Winter Pony

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Winter Pony

Written by Krista Ruepp

Illustrated by Ulrike Heyne

Reviewed by Natalie W. (age 11)

Winter Pony

This book is about a lot of ponies who go on a voyage to try to get to the pony place. It is a sad because when they were on the voyage the people that that were taking them, abused them by whipping, making them do all the work, and barely feeding them. Also on the voyage they had the hardest time they went threw the snowiest tops of the mountains. The owners that found them were the worst to them so basically they had the worst time.

I felt sad when all the ponies were dying. I have never really read sad books. It made me think of when my brothers made me do all the work because they said they had sports. They couldn't because they would get in trouble. I also liked it because they went on such a great adventure to the pony place. One character tried to stop what the others were doing to the ponies. He was just a kid but he did stand up to the adults. He was strong.

I’d recommend this book to ages 10-12. I hope you enjoy the book if you read it. If you like sad books then choose this one.