1 The Battle of Gettysburg

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The Battle of Gettysburg

Written by Michael Burgan

Reviewed by Jacy K. (age 10)

The Battle of Gettysburg

In the book The Battle of Gettysburg, it will talk about a boy named Tommas and his sister who were born into slavery. One day at the house they worked at they saw slave hunters, the same ones that took their 17-year-old cousin Clem, so they ran for safety. Soon they crossed paths with a Union Soldier his name was Henry. Later the Battle of Gettysburg was in action. The troops ran out of ammo. Tommas volunteered to bring it to them. Read the book to find out if Tommas makes it through the war alive.

The Battle of Gettysburg is a good book because it is emotional. My reason is it takes me back in time and make me feel like I was in the book looking down upon the war. That is why I think The Battle of Gettysburg is a good but emotional book. I like the describing words in the story too, like "gleaming swords". I like to learn about history and though this book I was able to learn some facts about the Civil War.

I would recommend this book to people who like endless twist and turns.