1 Happy Birthday, Samantha

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Happy Birthday, Samantha

Written by Valerie Tripp

Illustrated by Robert Grace, N. Niles

Reviewed by Kennedy T. (age 10)

Happy Birthday, Samantha

My book is Happy Birthday Samantha! In the beginning, Samantha is getting ready for her birthday party. She goes downstairs and into the backyard to make some ice cream. Samantha’s nosy neighbor Eddie comes over and puts lots of salt in the ice cream on purpose. Samantha starts her birthday party. They taste the ice cream and it’s horrible and they open presents. Samantha gets a teddy bear and runs around with it. Samantha finally gets the teddy back. A couple of weeks later her uncle calls, asking her if she wants to come to New York. She asks her grandmother if she can go to New York. Her grandmother says, “ Yes, Samantha goes to New York and has a lot of fun.” She goes to an ice cream parlor and gets to go in a carriage. In the end, Jip the dog gets loose. Samantha, her friends, have to run all over New York. Find out what happens in the end at your local library.

My opinion about this book is it is fun, colorful, new-fashioned, descriptive, carefully chosen sentences, hooked beginning, dangers, and sad. I love how it gives protests for women’s rights. I also love this book because there is a lot of action. That is why I love this book.

I recommend this book to people who like high thrill and girly books.