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Written by Gary Newman

Reviewed by AJ.I (age 11)


Fishing is written by Gary Newman. It talks about different types of fishing. It talks about saltwater fishermen and freshwater fisherman.

Fishing talks about how to set your clutch. A clutch is a thing that lets the fish pull line out so it does not snap the line. The book tells about an unhooking mat, they are good for big fish. The fish does not interfere with the ground. There is also a keepnet. It is good to keep you fish in. There are boilies that are great for bait. The book tells about a lure bag they keep your lures. Some lures look real and some don't. It tells how to tie a fly.

Yes I loved the book. It is very detailed and it teaches how to fish. When it talks about the boilies it tells what it is good for. It reminds me of when I went fishing with my brother, I caught a carp.

It is good for boys and girls. The grades that I recommend this for is 1-5. Adults might like it because they can learn how to fish.