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Written by Colin McNaughton

Illustrated by Colin McNaughton

Reviewed by Martin S (age 10)


Do you like to laugh? Then you should read this book. This book is about a wolf that is after a pig named Preston Pig . Preston Pig is a strange pig that makes a lot of mistakes. One day Preston takes a basket to his grandmother's house.

She's not feeling well. So on Preston goes to his grandmother's house. But that hungry, mean wolf went after the poor, defenseless, red coated pig. Sounds familiar doesn't it? It's Little Red Riding Hood clashed with The Three pigs and the Three Bears. That sneaky wolf never did catch Preston. Preston's dad didn't even kill the wolf. He tripped before he had the chance. So that sneaky wolf got away. Unfair isn't it?

I think that this book is great and should be for 5 years old and up. I like this book because I think it is funny. My favorite part was when the wolf took the short cut. It is my favorite part because he found many obstacles and he got trapped in the prickly thorns. It is funny because he started taking out thorns from his butt! I think the illustrations are o.k.

When I read this book it reminds me of my friend Benjamin that is very funny. think everyone should read this funny book. I recommend this book for people who laugh a lot.