1 Madeline's Rescue

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Madeline's Rescue

Written by Ludwig Bemelmans

Illustrated by Ludwig Bemelmans

Reviewed by Malia C. (age 7)

Madeline's Rescue

Genevieve, the dog, saves Madeline's life by dragging her out of the river. Genevieve goes on to live with Miss Clavel and the twelve girls. After a visit from Lord Cucuface, Genevieve gets kicked out of the school because of the "no dogs in school" rule. The girls and Miss Clavel are so sad. They search all around the city, but can't find Genevieve. One night, Genevieve returns and this time she stays. Genevieve has twelve babies! There is one people for each of the twelve girls.

My favorite part of the story was at the end because Genevieve had her babies and everyone got a puppy. Genevieve is my favorite character because she saved Madeline's life. I don't find that this story relates to my life. The pictures help tell the story.

I don't think others should read this story because it is boring. It is not fun or exciting.