1 Pie

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Written by Sarah Weeks

Reviewed by Matthew K. (age 9)


Do you like to eat pie or read a good mystery book? If so, then this book is for you!

Alice and Charlie are good friends. They live in a town called Ipswitch. Alice's Aunt Polly makes pies that win many awards. Alice is very close with her Aunt Polly because Aunt Polly does not have her own kids, just a cat named Lardo. When Aunt Polly makes her pies, Alice watches and helps do things around the kitchen. Aunt Polly made Ipswitch a place people want to visit. Aunt Polly's pie crust is famous. But one day, the pie crust recipe goes missing because Aunt Polly dies. Alice and Charlie work together to solve the mystery. The cat Lardo is a big piece of the puzzle!

I really like this book because there is lots of action. I wanted to keep reading and reading this book because it kept me so interested. I like mysteries! My favorite mystery was when Alice and Charlie start looking for clues for the missing pie crust recipe. My favorite character was the cat, Lardo. He was my favorite because he had the secret recipe and he wouldn’t give it to anyone.

I recommend this book because it keeps you motivated to read more and it is exciting! This book is good for ages 8 and up. If you like mysteries and trying to solve clues, then get out your magnifying glasses and read the book PIE!