1 Dingoes At Dinnertime

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Dingoes At Dinnertime

Written by Mary Pope Osborne

Reviewed by Emily X. (age 8)

Dingoes At Dinnertime

In The Magic Treehouse: Dingoes at Dinnertime, by Mary Pope Osborne, Jack and Annie, the two main characters, are going to Australia to free the dog Teddy from his spell. In the beginning Jack and Annie went to Australia for the last gift from a kangaroo to free Teddy. They met the mother and baby kangaroo in the forest. Next, the dingoes begin the chase the kangaroos. In the middle of the story she drops her baby kangaroo and hides him so she can run faster. Jack and Annie found the baby kangaroo, Joey. Then they found a few campers who started a wildfire! Now you have to read this book to find out how did the story end.

The book The Magic Treehouse: Dingoes at Dinnertime teaches us a lot about animals in Australia and kindness. I like the characters Jack and Annie because they are kind to each other. In the story they helped three animals: a dog, a baby kangaroo, and a koala. They help Teddy the dog to free him from his spell. They help the baby kangaroo and the koala to escape the fire. Then they help Joey find the mother kangaroo. I like the themes cooperation and perseverance in this book. The cooperation is shown when they work together to free Teddy. The perseverance is shown when they never give up saving the animals from the wildfire. I also like the authors writing style because it gives you a lot of information about the setting. It tells you about the animals found in Australia such as dingoes, kangaroo, emus, koalas, and kookaburras. It also tells about Australia's forest.

I would recommend this book to elementary students. Elementary students would like this book because this gives a lot of information about the animals that are in Australia. Also, this book teaches us to be kind and to help others. You should really go out and read this book!