1 Ralph S. Mouse

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Ralph S. Mouse

Written by Beverly Cleary

Illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky

Reviewed by Bobby L. (age 8)

Ralph S. Mouse

In Ralph S. Mouse by Beverly Cleary, Ralph, the main character, wants to get a new motorcycle because it's broken and Ralph is stuck at school! In the beginning Ralph gets Ryan to take him to school and makes him run a maze. Then a photographer takes a picture and Ralph doesn't like it! Ryan and Brad are mad at each other. In the middle the students don't know that Ralph is in the classroom with them. Brad broke Ralph's motorcycle and Ralph was heartbroken. The school is setting up traps for Ralph to step in. In the end Ralph didn't step in a trap! Ralph talks to Brad about the motorcycle. Ralph is going back to the Mountain View Inn! The lesson is don't run away from home. That's all I'm going to tell you. Read the book to see what happens in the end.

Ralph S. Mouse is an awesome book! The illustrations are so realistic that the pictures look like they are real photographs! For example, the picture of Ralph in a roll of tape stands out like a real photograph. Ralph is one of a kind. In the book Ralph is not afraid of some people but his family is afraid of people and Ralph has a different personality than other mice. The themes in the book are excellent. They are compassion and courage. In the story Ralph is suffering and Ryan and Brad make him feel better. He also shows courage by going through a long maze and not being scared.

I would recommend this book to elementary school students. Elementary school students would like this book because the book teaches readers who are suffering to feel better. Also the book teaches readers to be kind to each other and it teaches readers not to run away from home. You should really get this book and see what happens in the end.